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Principles of organizing, implementing quality management.

  • Product quality is central
  • Quality assurance and improvement is a central and consistent mission of the company, conducted regularly, continuously and stably.
  • Customer-oriented: Every organization depends on its customers and therefore needs to understand the current and future needs of customers, need to meet customer requirements and strive to transcend customers’ expectations.

Function, responsibilities:

Assist the Board of Directors in building, managing and developing a quality management system

  • Build, manage and develop quality processes in the whole the factory
  • Organize internal evaluation to reinforce the lack of management in the departments

Ensure operations to conform to all safety standards

  • Stay up to date with product safety standards
  • Coordinate with other departments to ensure the content of standards in the production process thoroughly.

Manage Product Quality

  • Check and manage the quality of the stages throughout the production process from raw materials to finished products.
  • Good use of quality management tools, 5W method, 4M production management techniques … to solve production problems.
  • Update standards, consult to improve processes

Be the contact point for quality issues.

  • Receive information from customers
  • Coordinate with departments to give optimal solutions.
  • List, record all information reflecting on quality, conduct evaluation and improvement.

Is representative for the company before external certification and evaluation.

  • Planning and monitoring of external and internal calibration equipment.
  • Mastering the quality management system, the requirements of ISO 9001-2015
  • Manage record keeping, document related processes.